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The terms and conditions mentioned in this policy govern the users’ use of E-Monix website. When you create an account with us, you agree with our terms of service. In case you disagree with our terms of service you can choose not to use our services. To sign up with us, you need to be of 18 years or above.


A user of E-Monix should not utilize our website in any manner that leads to or may leads to damage to the website or impairment of the accessibility of the site or in any manner which is illegal, harmful, unlawful or fraudulent, or in association with any illegal, harmful, unlawful or fraudulent activity or purpose. A user should not utilize E-Monix website to copy, keep, transmit, send, host, use, distribute or publish any material which comprise of or is related to any computer virus, spyware, worm, Trojan horse, rootkit, keystroke logger or any other malicious computer software.
An individual must not carry out any automated or systematic data collection activity which also includes data mining, data harvesting and data extraction and without limitation scraping on or in association to E-Monix website without our consent in written. A user must not use E-Monix website to send or transmit unwanted commercial communications. A user must not make use of our site for any purpose associated with marketing without first getting our consent in written. Any investor who infringes our current terms of service will be banned, their deposit will not be returned and account will be terminated.


User hereby cover E-Monix and undertake to keep it covered against any damages, losses, expenses, costs and liabilities suffered or incurred by our company due to any infringement by the user of any provision of these terms of service. Without any discrimination to our company’s other rights stated in these terms of service, if a user infringes these terms of service in any manner, E-Monix make take an action it deems suitable to deal with the infringement which may include suspending the user’s access to the website, barring them from accessing E-Monix website, blocking computers using the user’s IP address from using the services of our website, contact the user’s ISP and requesting them to block the user’s access to our website and filing a law-suit against the user.
E-Monix may revise and bring in a few changes in these terms of service from time to time. The new terms of service will be implements from the date of the publication of these terms of service on the website. So, we recommend our users to check this page at regular intervals to make sure that they are familiar with and agree to the current terms of service. E-Monix may sub contract, transfer or otherwise deal with our company’s rights and duties under these terms of service without obtaining the consent of the users or notifying them. However, a user may not sub contract, transfer or otherwise deal with his or her rights and duties under these terms of service.


A participant must completely acknowledge the investment service, earning and partnership program before make any payment or registration. Portfolio for investment funds are placed here and you may find partnership information here. Any other third party website or any other comments regarding our investment or partnership program must be absolutely ignored.
• Deposit can release at any time with 5% fees. Capital release payment may not process instantly.
• Deposits directly from BE-Monixs will reflect to members account after 2 network confirmations.
• First earning will appear to account dashboard 24 hours after deposit.
• Each deposit take place separate spot and we DO NOT mix any of members deposit together or migrate to the next plan or even change plan
• Daily profit withdrawals will process instantly.
• Members are completely responsible for their receiving wallet, so before making any withdraw make sure your BE-Monix address is correct once the withdraw is done means done. There will be no refund or return.
• Affiliate commissions will reflect to members account balance.
• Before making any payment please read RISK NOTICE part carefully. E-Monix is not responsible for any loss or damage. The Participant takes full responsibility for any risks and possible losses caused by force majeure factors.


To the degree that E-Monix website and the services and information on the website are offered free of cost, our company will not be accountable for any damage or loss of any nature. Our company will not be accountable to the user in regard to any losses occurring due to any event that is beyond our control. E-Monix will not be responsible to the use in regard to any business losses which also includes damage to or loss of income, profits, use, revenue, expected savings, production, commercial opportunities, contacts, goodwill or business. Our company will not be accountable to a user in regard to any loss and/or alteration of data, software or database. E-Monix will not be responsible to a user in regard of any consequential, indirect or special damage or loss.
A Participant must be aware that investment operations entail a degree of risk. E-Monix does not guarantee future income equal to the past earnings data. The results achieved in the past do not affect the future figures.
When investing funds within the E-Monix system, the Participant must clearly understand their personal objectives, take into consideration their past experience and psychological traits. In case of a doubt, the Participant should seek advice of an independent financial expert.
The Participant takes full responsibility for any risks and possible losses caused by force majeure factors.


These terms of service, along with our company’s privacy policy, comprises the complete agreement between a user and E-Monix in regard to their use of our official website and surpasses all prior agreements in respect of their use of our website. These terms of service will be presided over and interpreted as per the law and any disagreement associated with these terms of service will be liable to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of United Kingdom.


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